JAPW’s First Charity Hall Show (7/25/97 Bayonne, NJ)


Location: Charity Hall, Bayonne, NJ


  • Adorable Anthony defeated CJ Summer in a No DQ match
  • Chino Martinez wrestled Billy Reil to a draw
  • The Jersey Hurricane defeated Mars in a dog collar match
  • Ace Darling defeated Don Montoya
  • Kane D and Carjacker wrestled the Blood Angels and Helter Skelter to a no contest
  • Gino Caruso defeated Jackie Black
  • Tony Devito defeated TW Pierce
  • The East LA Angels defeated Lost Boy Wolf and JR Styles in an elimination match
  • Big Bobby G and Slayer wrestled to a double countout
  • Hubie Volk defeated Joe Rules
  • Rick Silver defeated Dave Desire
  • Chris Krueger defeated Middknight
  • Maxx Cage defeated Nick Berk