JAPW 1st Anniversary Show: Night of the Barbwire #2 (3/22/98 Newark, NJ)


Location: Sheraton Hotel, Newark, NJ

Appearing and signing at the days convention:

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin,¬†Shane Douglas, Francine, Beulah, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, The Dudley Boys, Joel Gertner, Bill Alfonso, Al Snow, Abdullah the Butcher, The Pitbulls, The Samoans Afa and Sika, Lou Albano, 911, Spike Dudley, Axl Rotten, and New Jack


  • Adam Flash defeated Nick Berk
  • Abdullah the Butcher defeated Bandido
  • The Pitbulls defeated Harley Lewis and Derik Domino, The Misfits
  • Gino Caruso wrestled Patch to a double countout
  • JR Ryder and Lost Boy Yar defeated The Haas Brothers
  • Chino Martinez defeated Ric Ratchet for the JAP Light Heavyweight Championship
  • Supernova defeated Reckless Youth, Devon Storm, and Ace Darling in the Best of the Light Heavyweights on the East Coast match
  • New Jack, Spike Dudley, and Axl Rotten defeated The Dudley Boys in an Extreme Death match
  • Rob Van Dam defeated Tommy Dreamer with Beulah
  • In a 3-way Barbwire Match for the JAP Tag Team Titles, Kane D and Homicide defeated The Blood Angels and the Sickness for the titles in a bloody war