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JAPW Heavyweight Championship

Status: ACTIVEThe first Jersey All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion was crowned on October 31, 1997 in Bayonne, NJ when Joe Rules won a 20-man Battle Royal. Since then the title has been held by the likes of Homicide, Low Ki, Don Montoya, Dan Maff, Al Snow, Jerry Lawler, and many others. History of the ... More

JAPW Live (11/20/98 Bayonne, NJ)

Location: Charity Hall, Bayonne, NJResults:Biggie Biggs defeated Lord Zeig JAP NJ State Champ Flash Wheeler defeated Nick Berk Glenn Strange defeated Kevin Knight JAP Tag Team Champs Homicide and Kane D defeated D-Sex JAP Light Heavyweight Champ Chino Martinez defeated Reckless Youth Low Ki battled ... More

JAPW Live (8/25/98 North Bergen, NJ)

Location: Schuetzen Park Ballroom, North Bergen, NJResults:Kid America defeated Kuvatro Jay Lover defeated Magic Chino Martinez retained the Light Heavyweight Title by defeating Supernova by countout Trent Acid, Nick Berk, and Billy Reil defeated The Big Unit and Luxorious Lynn Ric Ratchet defeated ... More

JAPW Live (5/20/98 Bayonne, NJ)

Location: Charity Hall, Bayonne, NJResults:Chino Martinez defended the JAP Light Heavyweight Title against Kid America The Lost Boys wrestled the New Skyscrapers to a double countout Jonny D won a 20 man Battle Royal to face 911 911 destroyed Jonny D The Sons of Gestapho, Crazy Ivan and Lord Zeig ... More

JAPW 1st Anniversary Show: Night of the Barbwire #2 (3/22/98 Newark, NJ)

Location: Sheraton Hotel, Newark, NJAppearing and signing at the days convention:Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shane Douglas, Francine, Beulah, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, The Dudley Boys, Joel Gertner, Bill Alfonso, Al Snow, Abdullah the Butcher, The Pitbulls, The Samoans Afa and Sika, Lou Albano, 911, Spike Dudley, ... More

Valentine’s Day Massacre (2/6/98 Bayonne, NJ)

Location: Charity Hall, Bayonne, NJResults:Gino Caruso defeated Metal Maniac Supernova defeated Siberian Tiger The Haas Brothers defeated Flash Wheeler and Nick Berk Kane D wrestled Lost Boy Wolf to a double countout Chino Martinez and Rican Havoc defeated Ralph Soto and Kid America Ric Ratchet ... More

Night of the Barbwire #1 (12/05/97 Bayonne, NJ)

Location: Charity Hall, Bayonne, NJResults:Kane D defeated Jay Lover in a no DQ match Slayer defeated Billy Reil and Trent Acid in a Triple Threat match The Samoan Gangsta Party defeated Joe Rules and Tony Devito "Nature Boy" Ric Ratchet defeated Chino Martinez for the vacant JAPW Light Heavyweight ... More