Jersey All Pro Wrestling Partners with IWTV

For immediate release:

Jersey All-Pro Wrestling and ModTrom Productions are pleased to announce that we have partnered with IWTV that will bring the entire archive of Jersey All-Pro Wrestling to Independent Wrestling TV. Jersey All-Pro Wrestling was one of the hottest independent wrestling promotions throughout the late 90’s and 2000’s. Founded in 1997, Jersey All-Pro Wrestling had a rich history featuring numerous legends of wrestling as well as many up and comers who went on to become big names in the business. During their run, JAPW ran events throughout New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

The 20+ years of filming include pro-shot edited events as well as many rare episodes of JAPW Hard Hitting TV and JAPW Suicidal TV. Best of’s, compilations and the JAPW 10 Year Documentary DVD will be added as well. Relive all the blood and guts of the early days of JAPW “fan cam” and some of the most exciting high flying, hard hitting, innovative action, backstage interviews, skits, music videos, hi-jinks, superstars, legends and home grown icons. In the near future, ModTrom Productions will also be producing original content and shows exclusively for IWTV.

How to watch:
IWTV – is a streaming service that features nearly 4,120 events, from 238 wrestling promotions and more than 8,676 hours of professional wrestling, with hundreds of hours added each month. IWTV is available on Google play, Apple app store, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV. IWTV features more live streams than any other service.

Contact us:
-For more info on Jersey All-Pro Wrestling please visit: @japwrestling
-ModTrom Productions can be reached on all social media platforms: @modtrom

JAPW FANS – please use the promo code JAPW to sign up at IWTV.LIVE to get a free 5 day trial membership to IWTV.

The fans have demanded it. Now one of the most coveted professional wrestling libraries will finally be available to stream, only on IWTV –