JAPW Russ Haas Memorial Show (2/2/02 Bayonne, NJ)

Location: Charity Hall, Bayonne, NJ


  • Ghost Shadow and Jay Lethal defeated Rainchild and Deranged in a Lucha Rules Tag Team Match
  • NWA Virginia Champion Jacey North defeated Chino Martinez
  • Seijin Akki (IPW) defeated Crazy Ivan
  • JT Jobber defeated Katarina Heiss
  • Slyk Wagner Brown defeated Striker
  • The Big Unit defeated Don Montoya and Mike Quackenbush
  • The Boogie Knights defeated Ric Blade and Elax
  • Kid Kruel defeated Low Ki
  • Charlie Haas defeated Simon Diamond and Crowbar
  • JAP Tag Team Champions Da Hit Squad defeated The Shane Brothers(IPW)
  • NJ State Champion Dixie defeated JAP Heavyweight Champion Homicide and JAP Light Heavyweight Champion The Insane Dragon to become the JAP Triple Crown Champion