JAPW Reclaiming Hudson (1/19/08 Jersey City, NJ)

Location: Golden Door Charter School, Jersey City, NJ


  • Pre-Show Match: Wrestling Idol Contract Match, Winner would become part of JAPW Full time. Pinky Sanchez & Cooter wrestled for about 10 seconds before “The Heavy Hitter” Mac & Havoc destroyed both of them, neither was signed.
  • Bandido Jr. upset/defeated Azrieal
  • Jay Lethal defeated Chris Hero
  • Xavier beat Sonjay Dutt
  • Monsta Mack & Havok defeated Slyck Wagner Brown & DJ Hyde when Archadia gave Hyde a handful of hundred dollar bills to walk out on the match
  • Danny Demanto defeated Devon Storm in a rematch from the 10th Anniversary Show. Crowd was 50/50 behind both superstars.
  • NJ State Champion, Archadia w/Jonny D & Alexa Thatcher, defeated the Grim Reefer to keep the NJ Championship after Archadia’s new “Body Guard” DJ Hyde ran into lay out Reefer.
  • Crime Time defeated Style & Finesse in Tag Team Action.
  • JAPW Heavyweight Champion Low Ki defeated Hernadez to retain the title after the Champion put Hernandez through the Ki Krusher followed by a Ghetto Stomp for the pin.
  • In a match the was just insane! Teddy Hart defeated Homicide and Eddie Kingston in a 3 Way NO DQ NJ Street Fight after Hart pinned Kingston. Teddy Hart moonsaulted of bleachers, pull-up bars and everything else nailed down!