JAPW Television Championship

  1. Dixie is declared first champion on 06/07/02
  2. Ghost Shadow defeated Dixie on 6/07/02
  3. Jay Lethal defeated Ghost Shadow and Rain on 9/13/02
  4. Skinhead Ivan defeated Jay Lethal on 8/02/03
  5. Eddie Thomas defeated Skinhead Ivan on 12/13/03
    ***Televsion Championship was retired on 1/01/04

JAPW Suicidal Championship

  1. Jay Lover defeated Lou Diamond, Homicide and Lowlife Louie Ramos in a 4 Way Suicidal Cage Match on 8/29/99
    ***Jay Lover was stripped of title due to being suspended on 11/13/99
  2. Lowlife Louie Ramos defeated Homicide in a Christmas Tree Deathmatch on 12/17/99
  3. Jay Lover defeated Lowlife Louie Ramos on 8/19/00

    ***Suicidal Championship is retired after the state of New Jersey bans "Extreme Wrestling" on 9/22/00

JAPW Student Championship

  1. Jay Lover won a Battle Royal on 8/06/99
    ***Jay Lover was stripped of title
  2. Texas defeated Eddie Barrio on 10/08/99
  3. Eddie Barrio defeated Texas on 03/31/00
  4. The Insane Dragon defeated Eddie Barrio on 8/19/00
  5. Tony Lazaro defeated The Insane Dragon on 12/21/01
  6. Roach (Corvis Fear) defeated Tony Lazaro on 4/12/02
    ***Student Champioship was retired in late 2002.

JAPW NJ State Championship

  1. Flash Wheeler won a 20 man Battle Royal to become the first NJ State Champion
  2. Zieg defeated Flash Wheeler on 4/09/99
  3. Magic defeated Zieg on 8/29/99
  4. Dr. Hurtz defeated Magic on 12/17/99
  5. Skinhead Ivan defeated Dr. Hurtz & Laithon on 11/18/00
  6. Reckless Youth defeated Skinhead Ivan on 7/07/01
    ***Reckless Youth stripped of title due to injury 8/05/01
  7. Dixe won a 25 man Battle Royal  to win  the vacant title on 8/24/01
    ***NJ State Championship is retired, becomes Television Championship on 6/07/02
  8. Frankie Kazarian is declared the new NJ State Champion on 9/15/06, title was re-activated
  9. The Grim Reefer defeated Frankie Kazarian on 3/17/07
  10. Bandido Jr. defeated The Grim Reefer on 11/15/08
  11. Eddie Kingston defeated Bandido Jr. on 2/28/09
  12. Archadia defeated Eddie Kingston on 5/09/09
  13. Devon Moore defeated Archadia on 1/23/10
  14. Charlie Haas defeated Devon Moore on 3/20/10,
  15. Brodie Lee defeated Charlie Haas on 5/22/10.
    ***NJ State Championship is retired January 2012.